Donald Trump supporters, protesters show up at pair of rallies in Washington (FULL SPEECH)

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LYNDEN, Wash. — Donald Trump brought out many supporters and some protesters as he made two stops in Washington state on Saturday, in Spokane and Lynden.

Three arrests

Authorities say three protesters were arrested after they blocked a road in northwest Washington trying to keep Donald Trump from speaking at a campaign rally.

Bellingham Police Lt. Bob Vander Yacht said two females and one male were cited for disorderly conduct and released.

Protesters briefly blocked the northbound lanes of State Route 539 into Lynden before authorities started clearing the roadway.

The likely GOP nominee’s motorcade used a different route into the Northwest Washington Fair & Event Center in Lynden for the second Trump rally in Washington state Saturday.

Stops in Spokane, Lynden

Trump blamed trade agreements for manufacturing job losses and said he’d win the state of Washington in November as he addressed supporters.


While speaking at the rallies, Trump repeatedly assailed the woman he’s dubbed “Crooked Hillary” while hardly sparing former Republicans rivals Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham repulsed by his chokehold on their party’s presidential nomination.

“She’s married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics,” Trump said of Clinton as he addressed supporters at the Spokane Convention Center just days after becoming the presumptive Republican nominee.

Trump appeared to be responding to news that Priorities USA, the lead super PAC backing Clinton, has already reserved $91 million in television advertising that will start next month. Much of the negative advertising against Trump is expected to focus on belittling statements he’s made about women in the past.

But Trump declared Saturday, “Two can play that game.”

“Hillary was an enabler and she treated these women horribly. Just remember this,” he said. “And some of these women were destroyed, not by him, but by the way that Hillary Clinton treated them after everything went down,” he said.

In Lynden, not far from the Canadian border, Trump repeated the former president’s denial of a relationship with a White House intern that would later lead to his impeachment. “Do you remember the famous, ‘I did not have sex with that woman?'” Trump asked. “And then a couple of months later, ‘I’m guilty.’ And she’s taking negative ads on me!”

  • Watch Trump’s entire speech in Lynden below this article

Deriding a culture of political correctness in which, he says, men are “petrified to speak to women anymore,” Trump also defended himself as a great supporter of women and sought to downplay past comments he’s made about women in venues like the Howard Stern radio show in the days before he was a politician. He said some were made in the name of entertainment, while others, like his criticism of actress and talk show host Rosie O’Donnell, were warranted.

“Who the hell wouldn’t speak badly about Rosie O’Donnell? She’s terrible,” he said.

Trump also continued a line of attack he rolled out on Friday evening in Oregon and on Twitter aimed at Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat and favorite of the left whom some would like to see as Clinton’s running mate.

Trump repeatedly called Warren a “goofus” and suggested that she’d lied about her Native American background, an attack reminiscent of his insinuations that President Barack Obama was not born in the U.S. and demands that he produce a birth certificate.

“She’s been going around pretending that she’s a minority,” said Trump, who alleged that Warren had made the claim “because she felt that her mother had high cheek bones.”

“Let’s see what she does when they say we want real proof that you’re a Native American,” he said.

Warren had insulted Trump earlier on Twitter, calling him “a bully who has a single play in his playbook.”

Trump also unveiled new lines of attack against Clinton, calling her “trigger happy,” claiming her foreign policy decisions as secretary of state had cost the country millions of dollars and led to millions of deaths, and claiming that she wants to “abolish the Second Amendment” and “take your guns away.” Clinton has said that the U.S. needs to rein in the notion that “anybody can have a gun, anywhere, anytime.”

Protesters show up in Lynden…

Protesters shouting “Love Trumps Hate” greeted supporters of Donald Trump before the likely GOP presidential nominee’s second rally.

Many protesters outside spoke out against Trump’s rhetoric and policy stances regarding women, Hispanics and Muslims, including his plan to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Maria de Jesus Lozano, 63, speaking Spanish, told a translator she drove from Tacoma to protest Trump’s visit because she said Trump is a racist and his policies would hurt minorities.

Supporters said they liked what they heard from the New York businessman.

Mike Scholten, 29, said Trump isn’t a politician and he appreciated that Trump paid for part of his own campaign because it doesn’t make him beholden to outside interests.

…and Spokane

The dozens of protesters gathered outside the Spokane Convention Center were outnumbered by supporters of Donald Trump who lined up early.

One woman, 38-year-old Erin McLaughlin of Spokane, was denied entry to the event. McLaughlin, who was wearing a white halo on her head, said Trump staff wouldn’t let her in because she wasn’t a supporter. McLaughlin said she opposes Trump’s incendiary speech, which she says makes people feel unsafe.

Another protester, 30-year-old Blaine Dan McLay, wore a “Stop Trump” hat. McLay said Trump’s ideas “make no sense” and he’s “xenophobic, misogynistic and racist.”

But there were far more backers of the New York businessman gathering in downtown Spokane.

Mike Fagen, a Spokane City Councilman, said he likes Trump because the New York businessman rattled the Democratic Republican establishment.

And 40-year-old Jason Flowers of Spokane said he liked Trump’s “honesty.”

Watch Trump’s Lynden rally below:

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