Murder Mystery: Husband, son dealing with three decades of grief after woman they loved is found dead near railroad tracks

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GOLD BAR — A son who misses his mother. A husband who wonders what happened to his wife. Three decades of grief after the woman they loved was found dead near some railroad tracks in Gold Bar.

“Her smile could light up a room,” says Vera Alex’s son, Sid. “She loved to dance when she`s listening to music.”

Vera Alex was 34 years old and a mother of two teenagers when she was murdered on October 22, 1982. “It appeared that there had been a struggle and the person who struggled with her pulled her jacket off of her left arm, but it was still on her right arm,” says Snohomish County Det. Jim Scharf.

Vera`s husband and 16 year old son left home early that day. Sid recalls, “Me and my dad had gone hunting that day up by Skykomish, up by the towers up in there, some steep rugged ground. We had been up there before daylight and hiked around there until afternoon or so.” Vera’s husband, Bob vividly remembers that day, as well. “We come back and she was gone and then she checked the mail, said she was going to check the mail, you know, left a note.”

Det. Scharf explains, “He assumes that Vera left shortly after that, went to the post office to mail a letter, because there was a note that she left behind stating that she was going to the post office.”

Vera then went to Ann`s Tavern, a local hangout near her home. That was the last day she was seen alive. Her body was discovered across the street near the river almost three weeks later. “Vera was found lying on her back. It was fall so there were a lot of leaves that were covering the body,” describes Det. Scharf.”

She died of blunt force trauma.

It has been over 30 years since Vera was murdered and police have been trying to track down leads to find her killer. A few years ago, they even put her on the back of Snohomish County cold case playing cards. She`s on the eight of spades. But, so far all of their efforts have not generated any credible leads and they hope the public can help find her killer.

“It has been a rough ride not knowing exactly what happened,” says Sid. “Myself, I feel guilt, even though I`ve been told many times, ‘You were 16, you were not old enough,’ I should have been there to protect my mom.” Alex’s husband’s been dealing with a hole in his heart for much too long, “I was very much at a loss because I missed my partner, you know? My life partner, because I was in love with her too.”

Vera was barefoot when police discovered her body and there`s a possibility that the killer may have taken a very unique pair of shoes. “They`re unusual because they had clear sole and heels underneath and then on top, the front was brown, red, orange striped with a purple back,” describes Det. Scharf.

Police and her family are asking for any information that could help finally close this cold case. Sid makes a plea to the public. “If there`s anybody out there that knows anything about this and maybe the person may not be still alive, but if you know something about it that can give some closure, it would be greatly appreciated.”

If you know anything about the murder of Vera Alex, call an anonymous tip into:

You must call the Crime Stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest.

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