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Man charged with first degree murder for killing Renton mom and dismembering her body

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RENTON - The man suspected of killing a Renton mom then mutilating her body was charged with first degree murder on Wednesday.

Prosecutors also releasing new information saying John Charlton took Ingrid Lyne to a Seattle bar where his sister works after a Mariner’s game Friday night.

Charlton told detectives he was dating Lyne for about a month and claimed he was with an ex-girlfriend in Lake Stevens over the weekend when Lyne’s body was discovered in a Seattle recycle bin.

Prosecutors say Charlton killed Lyne in her home then drove her car to get rid of her remains.

Police found Lyne’s car on First and Blanchard in Belltown Monday night.

The ex girlfriend told police Charlton was supposed to meet her Saturday morning but texted her saying something came up. The two met up late Saturday night. Police say Charlton had visible injuries to his face and chest but told the ex girlfriend the injuries were from being robbed. The ex girlfriend believed the robbers only took his money because Charlton had his wallet with him.

Charging documents also say Charlton worked as a day laborer but was also homeless.

Q13 News spoke with Jason Huffmaster on Wednesday who says he is sick to his stomach.

“It just gives me chills I can’t stop thinking about it,” Huffmaster said.

That's because Charlton is someone he once called a close friend.

Huffmaster says he can't believe someone he knows would be responsible for a crime so gruesome.

CSI detectives found traces of human flesh and blood in Lyne’s bathroom drain.

Detectives believe Charlton killed the mom of three then used a pruning saw to dismember parts of her body.

“Wow that could have been me that poor woman that could have been me,” Montana resident Heather Danishesfky said.

Danishefsky says she dated Charlton for about 6 months.

“He was charming and witty all of that of course i was taken by him,” Danishefsky said.

But she claims their relationship quickly turned abusive. She says Charlton even tried to choke her once.

“A lot of the time it was when he was drinking he would get really angry,” Danishefsky said.

Detectives say the night Lyne went missing, Charlton claimed he got so drunk after taking her to the Mariners game he woke up on a Seattle sidewalk.

“He was a totally different person when he was on drugs and alcohol,” Huffmaster said.

Huffmaster says he distanced himself from Charlton in 2006.

“He came off as a normal guy but he has his demons,” Huffmaster said.

And it doesn`t surprise him to know Charlton and Lyne met online or that Charlton was active on several different online dating sites.

Now Lyne`s family is shattered by her grisly murder and 3 young girls are left without a mother.

“You just don`t think someone you know could be responsible for doing something so sick and demented, he deserves anything and everything he has coming,” Huffmaster said.

If convicted Charlton could get up to 28 years in prison.

Charlton will be arraigned April 27th for 1st degree murder and theft of a vehicle.