Woman describes hitting the floor in family’s South Seattle home as gun battle raged outside

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SEATTLE — A South Seattle family say they recently found themselves in the middle of a gun battle.

It’s one of the recent crimes in South Seattle, and residents say they’re fed up. Many of them took their concerns to Seattle Police at the South Seattle Crime Prevention meeting held at the Southeast Seattle Senior Center on Wednesday.

One of the speakers was Lisa Glynn, who leaves near Rainier Avenue South and South Graham Street.

“When I got to the bottom, I saw my husband lying on the floor calling 911, and he said get down,” said Glynn, as she recapped the scene from last week when a gun battle erupted, causing a car to hit a building. Lisa and her husband dodged the bullets that night, but they fear next time they won't. Days later, someone shot and killed a man just a few miles down the road from her home.

Lisa joined dozens who voiced their concerns at the South Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, where Seattle Police say they're ramping up the efforts to address the growing violence in South Seattle.

Seattle Police say they're specifically targeting gun crimes in the South Precinct in the hopes getting guns off the street will clean up the crime. They’re also using overtime hours to patrol South Seattle. “We are trying everything that we can to stop the violence, so that those shootings don't happen,” said Seattle Police Lt. Garth Green.

South Seattle Crime Prevention Council leaders say they are now working to create an action committee to train neighbors to protect themselves and each other.