JBLM soldier allegedly breaks wife’s nose in 18 places, throws cup of urine in her face

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LAKEWOOD, Wash. – A soldier at Joint Base Lewis-McChord has been charged with multiple domestic-violence crimes after allegedly beating his wife so badly that she broke her nose in 18 places and left her “unrecognizable” to two friends.

Jonathan Robert Maysonet, 22, was charged with first-degree assault, felony harassment, unlawful imprisonment and interfering with domestic violence reporting. The News Tribune reports that Maysonet is an Army Spc.

Charging documents from Pierce County prosecutors allege the incident began when Maysonet’s wife, who had volunteered to be the designated driver for Maysonet and his friends, got hit on at a Tacoma club Friday night.

Prosecutors say Maysonet got angry and stayed angry as his wife drove the group home, and that he eventually urinated in a cup and threw it in her face as she drove.

When the group got to the gate of the couple’s apartment complex, Maysonet’s wife jumped from the car and ran for the apartment and Maysonet ran after her.

The rest of the group went to Denny’s.

One member of the group allegedly got a call from Maysonet later in the night and could hear his wife yelling for help in the background. Three of the group said they walked over to the Maysonets apartment and found a horrific scene.

Court documents allege Maysonet’s wife was covered in blood, with blood running from gashes on her head, both nostrils and her mouth. Both of her eyes were swollen shut, and two of the three friends said they didn’t recognize her because her face had been so badly beaten.

The friends told police Maysonet had blood covering his hands, forearms and shirt, but that he seemed nonchalant.

The friends took Maysonet’s wife to the emergency room. She told police her husband beat her from 2:15 a.m. to 3:30 a.m., and that the pain got so bad she had asked him to kill her. She said that he’d begun ripping the hair extensions out of her head, and that she began choking on her own blood.

“There was so much blood, I felt like I was going to drown in it,” she told police.

Her 3-year-old son was in the apartment at the time, and allegedly told police “mommy was dead,” “Jonathan punched mommy in the nose,” and “she was blowing bubbles out her nose.”

Maysonet’s wife said he finally agreed to let her call for help if she agreed to make up a story about her injuries.

Police said blood covered the carpet in two rooms as well as the bed, a full-length mirror was shattered, and hair extensions were on the floor.

Medical reports show Maysonet’s wife’s nose was broken in 18 places, and that she required 16 sutures.

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