Renton woman warns neighbors about brazen car prowler

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RENTON, Wash. -- A Renton woman wants to warn her neighbors about a prolific car prowler in the area. She says he broke into four vehicles on her street in one night.

“You don't sleep after this,” say Tori Broughton.

She caught a thief on her surveillance video early Monday morning breaking into her husband’s truck in the driveway.

“You can see him trying the doors, he didn't break the windows or anything.”

But he did spend about 20 minutes going through everything in the back of the truck. She said he stole close to $6,000 worth of tools and work equipment while her family slept just feet away.

“I think typically people feel like someone's going to break in, get in and out and be done. And this is not at all what happened,” she says. “He took a lot of time packing everything up, he took a lot of time to climb in and out of the truck.”

Broughton’s family lives on the same street, and the thief also hit their cars. He got inside her mom’s two vehicles without setting off any alarms, then dropped off some of the stolen items down the street, and went back to rifle through her sister’s car.

“They know what they're targeting, they know what they're doing.”

Broughton says Renton police are investigating, and trying to see if the same suspect might be tied to other car prowls in the area. Although she’s hoping they’re able to catch him, she’s sharing the surveillance video with her neighbors just in case.

“I want his face out there, I want to share it, I just want to protect people,” she says. “It's not necessarily about us getting our stuff back, it's about the future and trying to prevent this from happening to more people because it's horrifying.”

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