Bold Big 5 burglar: Destructive crook crashes through front doors at full speed, thwarted from stealing firearms

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Watch the video:

All's calm and quiet at the Big 5 sports store in Lynnwood -- then BOOM! -- a car comes smashing through the front doors at full speed.

It's no accident and now, detectives are hoping you can tell them the name of the destructive burglar behind the wheel.

Both car doors are pinned against the store doors, so the crook can't open them. Once he's out he heads straight to where the guns are, jumping the counter and stealing some shotgun shells from the below the display case. Then he goes for a rifle, trying hard to grab it. Luckily it's locked up tight so he gives up, walks over to the other end of the rifle rack, stares down another gun but doesn't even try to take it this time. He jumps back over the counter and that's where we get the best look at his face and the big headlamp he's wearing on his head. It's yellow and could be the clue that helps you tell detectives who he is. You get a good look at the yellow straps on the back of the headlamp before he slides back into the car through the passenger side window, crawls into the driver's seat, backs out as one of the store's front doors that was leaning on the car comes crashing down on the ground -- and drives off.

“My biggest concern is that this is going to be a repeat situation, that either he's going to come back to Lynnwood and try this at another location, or he's going to do it at a neighboring city,” says Lynnwood Police Det. R.T. DeGabriele. “He clearly knew ahead of time what he was going to do. The question becomes now is what did he want the firearm for? We're concerned if this is part of something bigger. Was he going to go out and do robberies? Was he going to go out and hurt himself? Anytime that someone goes to this length to break into an establishment with the methods that he used and to try to steal, firearms, that becomes a very big priority for us."

None of the cameras were able to get a look at the car's license plate, but detectives say it's silver with a sunroof and looks to have had replacement parts on the right-front panel area. With those details, they're hoping someone can recognize the burglar's four-wheeled weapon of destruction.

“He was very brazen in the sense that he wasn't going to try to break a window in the normal sense, he wasn’t going to throw a rock through it. He was going to blast right through the doors with his motor vehicle, take what he needed, get back in, back out and drive away. Again, he was thwarted by the locking systems that the store put in place on the firearms."

Big props to Big 5 Sporting Goods for having such great security in place with their guns. Again, he only got away with some shotgun shells.

If you recognize this bold burglar -- whether it's his face, his big yellow headlamp, or the car he smashed through the store, call an anonymous tip into:

You must call the Crime Stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest.


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