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Volunteers for Clinton, Sanders try to rally support before Democratic caucus here

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SEATTLE -- Washington's 101 Democratic delegates are up for grabs on Saturday and volunteers are putting in long hours to rally support for their candidate of choice.

On Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders made a return trip to the Evergreen State as he made stops in Spokane and Yakima. A crowd of over 7,000 people cheered him on Thursday night in Yakima.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, volunteers for Sanders are 'feeling the Bern' as the deadline quickly approaches.

Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said, "He’s an elected official whose values have remained consistent through the decades. You know where he stands. You know what he’s gonna fight for and he’s never been swayed by the big money in politics."

Sanders will make an encore trip to Seattle Friday afternoon at Safeco Field. It will be his largest venue in Washington.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made three stops in Washington state on Tuesday. She made a victory speech at Rainier Beach High School in south Seattle after winning he Arizona primary that night.

On Thursday, she spoke with political and religious leaders at a national security roundtable discussion in Los Angeles.

Volunteers at a phone bank picked up where she left off after her trip. Dozens of people packed a phone bank Thursday as they feverishly made calls to drum up more support. Sanders' supporters here were doing the same.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has announced his support for Clinton on Tuesday.

"People are excited and they’re excited in a positive way," he said.  "It's not about hating somebody else. It’s about how better we can make this country."