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How does a caucus work? Let these dogs explain it

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SEATTLE -- With the presidential election season in full swing, there has been a lot of talk about primaries and caucuses. For folks in Washington State, all eyes are on us this weekend, as our state's Democratic Party holds their caucus to determine the allocation of delegates representing Washington at the national convention.

But how the heck does a caucus even work? We partnered with the fine pooches of Downtown Dog Lounge in Seattle to show you. (Click HERE to go to their website!)

After you watch the above video for context, check out our outtakes from the shoot in the video below! And our partners at The Seattle Times have a GREAT explainer on their website; click HERE to read.

And you might be wondering, "Why aren't you talking about a Republican primary or caucus this week?" In our state, it is up to each party as to how they would like to determine delegates. For the first time, our state's Republican party has decided to use only our state's primary in May. While they held a caucus in February, that was more about kicking off the process of selecting leaders to represent the voters in the party; May 24th will be the big day for Republicans in our state. Interestingly, this is new for the Washington State Republican Party; in previous presidential elections, they have used both a caucus and a primary to determine delegates.