Counter-terrorism experts: Live your life but be vigilant

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After the deadly terror attacks Tuesday in Brussels, Belgium, two security experts from Washington are offering different perspectives on how to stop ISIS and protect ourselves at home.

Gilberto Villahermosa is a retired U.S. Army colonel and now a counter-terrorism expert. He says ISIS operatives may be closer than we realize.

"I believe we have ISIS operatives in Mexico. I truly believe it. I believe we're going to see a major ISIS attack, or an attempt against the homeland this year," he said.

His brother, Jesus Villahermosa, is a former Pierce County deputy and now an expert in crisis training.

"I believe whenever they do an attack like this they are sending a message to the lone wolves in the United States," he said.

With security on everyone's minds, what can we do to stay safe? Jesus Villahermosa says it starts by being prepared in the event of an attack.

"Come up with a plan so that crisis doesn't overcome you and you do nothing," he said.

"Should you be concerned? You should be vigilant. Do I need to go to a place like the airport? American airports are pretty safe and pretty secure," said Gilberto Villahermosa.

The takeaway?

Live your life, but be aware of your surroundings. And talk about what you would do if there's an attack. Don't wait to have that conversation.