Clinton family stumps in Washington ahead of Saturday’s Democratic presidential caucus

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SEATTLE -- Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders praised Seattle’s progressive politics Sunday in a rally before thousands at KeyArena.  On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton will be here doing the same with her supporters.

And it’s not just Hillary Clinton; Bill Clinton is stumping in Washington, too.  He headlined a rally Monday in Eastern Washington, and Chelsea Clinton will speaking Tuesday in Tacoma.

It’s a Clinton full-court press.

“We have got to keep going until every single American is enrolled in a health care plan,” Bill Clinton said Monday afternoon in Spokane.

Ahead of her visit Tuesday, Hillary Clinton spoke in Washington, D.C., to AIPAC, the largest annual pro-Israel political lobby gathering in the U.S.  She took the occasion to attack Donald Trump.

“We need steady hands,” she said.  “Not a president that says he's neutral on Monday, pro-Israel on Tuesday and who-knows-what on Wednesday.”

Clinton is likely to spend her time in Washington state attacking Trump more than Sanders, given her Democratic opponent’s popularity here.

The Clinton campaign admits that caucus states are not their strong suit.  So, they are lowering expectations, even suggesting that she may not win.  But they are doing all they can to minimize a loss and to get as many delegates as they can even if they come up short in gaining a majority.