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Postal carrier struck by rock thrown off overpass

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PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) — Tom Bennett is home on sick leave after a terrifying night on the job.

Tom drives a semi-truck for the U.S. Postal Service and he was on his regular route late Monday night. Just as he passed under the NE 33rd Avenue overpass on I-84, Tom says he heard a loud noise and felt a thump on his chest.

“I see a big hole in the windshield right in front of me and at the same time, the glass was flying. My chest got hit and I thought it was a shotgun blast.”

Tom grabbed his chest, feeling for blood or a gunshot wound. Nothing was there. But he had shards of glass in eyes and couldn’t open them. Luckily, 30 years of commercial driving experience kicked in.

“I could hardly see. I kept my left eye closed and I squinted out of my right eye to look at the road so I could safely get my truck parked on the shoulder.”

Tom called for help and that’s when he got a good look at the massive hole in the windshield.

Police say it was made by a rock weighing about four pounds – likely thrown from the overpass. With fencing surrounding the overpass railings, officials say the rock probably did not get kicked up by a passing car and they think someone threw it on purpose. Portland Police are investigating.

Tom’s left eye is red from ruptured blood vessels, he has a bruise over his right eye and pain in his chest. He knows it could’ve been much worse and he is grateful, but he wants whoever is responsible to be found.

“I’m hoping the perpetrator will brag about it and somebody will have a conscience and turn them in.”