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Report: Knife found buried at O.J. Simpson’s estate

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LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating after a knife was reportedly found at the former estate of O.J. Simpson.

According to TMZ, a construction worker found the knife buried at the estate several years ago. He gave it to an off-duty police officer nearby. But that officer didn’t turn in the knife. Instead, he reportedly kept it for several years.

When that officer retired from the LAPD in January, he reached out to a friend in the Robbery Homicide Division, told him about the knife, and asked him to get the record number for the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman case so he could put the knife in a frame and get it engraved.

TMZ reports that friend told department higher-ups about the knife. That’s when the police officer was ordered to turn in the knife.

That knife is now being tested for hair and fingerprints, and will eventually be tested for DNA and other biological evidence.

According to TMZ’s sources, officers who saw the knife think it could have blood residue on it, but it’s difficult to tell for sure because the knife is rusted and stained.

In 1995, O.J. Simpson was found not guilty in the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman. Simpson can’t be prosecuted again because of double jeopardy.

Simpson is currently in a Nevada prison after being found guilty in another case.