Portland pot shops offering ‘Burn one for Bernie’ special

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Portland, OR — Two Portland pot dispensaries are fundraising for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Foster Buds and its sister dispensary Glisan Buds are calling their fundraiser “Burn One for Bernie.”

The businesses are supporting Democratic candidate Sanders because of his positive stance on medical marijuana.

Foster Buds and Glisan Buds are partnering with marijuana grower Farmer 12, and are selling special one gram joints for $10 bucks, with 10 percent of sales, or a dollar a joint, being donated to the Sanders campaign.

They’re following the donation cap for individual donors, meaning each shop plans to donate up to $2,700.

The campaign launched Tuesday, and dispensaries sold 110 of the Farmer 12 joints in 24 hours.

“He wants to keep the medical program alive for the nation,” Foster Buds Manager Ken Martin explained. “Which is awesome because without the medical program, we wouldn’t be where we are today and we wouldn’t have found all the cool things that marijuana helps and all the people it helps also.”

The folks at Foster Buds have not been in contact with anyone from the Sanders campaign, but they’d love to speak with them.

Fox 12 also reached out to the campaign for comment, but so far there has been no response.

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