Mama Rose’s Taco Soup

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1 ½ lb ground beef or turkey

1 onion chopped

1 green bell pepper chopped

2 cans Ranch style pinto beans - 1 w/jalepeno and 1 without jalepeno

2 cans diced tomatoes

2 cans yellow hominy

1 can Rotel

1 pack Lawry Taco seasoning

1 pack of dry Ranch style dressing

1 can sliced olives

1 bag of Frito

1 sour cream

1 bag of grated cheddar cheese

Brown the ground beef or turkey with the onion and bell pepper.  Add pinto beans, tomatoes, hominy, Rotel, Lawry Taco seasoning, dry Ranch style dressing.  Do not drain liquid!  Bring to a boil then reduce heat and let simmer for 40 minutes or put in a crock pot on high heat for 6 hours.

Garnish with sour cream, olives, fritos and shredded cheddar cheese.