Some homeowners in town of Pacific to get relief from prolific flooding

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PACIFIC, Wash. -- More than a half-dozen property owners in the town of Pacific will be bought out by the King County Flood Control District after several years of major flooding from the nearby White River.

Jeff Chambers has lived in his Pacific home for almost 30 years. He says recent floods are forcing him, and his neighbors, to find higher ground.

Chambers said, "I think I stand for all of us lately, we’ve all just kind of given up. You can't fight Mother Nature. So, the river has been winning."

The King County Flood Control District will purchase Jeff's property, and six of his neighbors, at fair market value to relieve them of the situation. Jeff is thrilled. He said he's try to sell his house before but no one would buy it.

"When I move and get my money, I’m going to go live on a hill," Jeff chuckled. "I don’t want to live by the river anymore."

King County plans to begin a major levee project in May that should provide other residents in the area with some much needed flood relief as well.