Elephants charge Arizona senator: ‘No respect for a fellow Republican’ (VIDEO)

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Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and his wife were chased by elephants during a trip to Africa.

The GOP senator tweeted video of the encounter with the caption: “These elephants have no respect for a fellow Republican. No respect I tell ya.”

They were with a group in Africa last week to look at poaching and wildlife trafficking there.

Flake believes the elephant was just protecting its young when it charged his convoy.

“We were in a Jeep and we were coming into a place where we thought there might be some elephants close by, but we came up on them a little too quickly and there were some calves there that the elephants were trying to protect,” Flake said, according to KPHO. “That was a little too close for comfort,” he added.

Senators Thad Cochran, Ben Cardin and Chris Coons and Representative Adam Schiff were also on the bipartisan trip.

Flake has sponsored a bill called the End Wildlife Trafficking Act that would push U.S. officials to work with foreign leaders on the poaching issue.