Dive teams search pond for clues in Federal Way murder of teenager

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FEDERAL WAY, Wash.  -- Divers searched a small pond in Federal Way Thursday for clues in the murder of Decatur High School student Wesley Gennings.

A King County search-and-rescue team searched Fishers Pond, near South 320th, looking for anything that could be tied to the Feb. 13 murder of 16-year-old Gennings.  They appeared to find something of interest, but so far haven't said what it is.

Two teenagers have been arrested in connection with the murder -- a 16-year-old and a 14-year-old. Detectives believe one of the boys shot Gennings once in the back of the head while he was sitting in his car in a Taco Bell parking lot. The boys, according to court documents, had met Gennings to buy marijuana from him.