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Trump wins GOP presidential caucuses in Nevada — 3rd straight victory in race for nomination

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WASHINGTON (AP) --  Donald Trump on Tuesday night won the Republican presidential caucuses in Nevada, giving the billionaire businessman three straight wins in the race for the GOP nomination.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are vying for second place, far ahead of John Kasich and Ben Carson.

265 of 1,784 precincts - 15 percent

x-Donald Trump, 5,016 - 46 percent

Marco Rubio, 2,563 - 24 percent

Ted Cruz, 2,187 - 20 percent

Ben Carson, 608 - 6 percent

John Kasich, 408 - 4 percent

Preliminary entrance polls taken of Republican caucus-goers show that nearly 6 in 10 are angry at the way the government is working, and about half of them supported the billionaire businessman.

Trump was also supported by about 6 in 10 of those who said they care most about immigration, and nearly half of those who said they care most about the economy.

Trump celebrated his win in the Nevada Republican caucuses with a prediction that he'll soon claim the GOP presidential nomination.

The billionaire businessman told supporters in Las Vegas that, "it's going to be an amazing two months."

He went on to say, "we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest."

Trump has won three contests in a row after finishing second in the leadoff Iowa caucuses. He's in a strong position headed into next week's Super Tuesday contests, where voters in a dozen states will cast ballots in presidential primaries.

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