SEE IT: Underwater video, pics of gray whales in Puget Sound published

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OLYMPIA, Wash. — Cascadia Research on Monday released new photos and an underwater video of gray whales swimming through the Puget Sound.

In the videos, the camera on one whale is knocked off by another whale.

Cascadia said these were collected under a scientific research permit in collaboration with Stanford University.

“AWESOME NEW UNDERWATER VIDEO exists for the “Saratoga Gray” whales that have just arrived for their annual visit to Puget Sound!” Cascadia Research wrote.

In the video published Monday, Cascadia says the video and data streams show a dual video tag deployed on a gray whale via suction cups, and the tag being knocked off from contact with another whale.

And, in the next one,  “gray whale (CRC #22) with a suction-cup attached tag containing dual video cameras films up to three other whales following behind and next to her as she swims off Everett, Washington in Puget Sound on 17 April 2015. Tag deployment conducted by Cascadia Research ( in collaboration with Stanford and WA Dept of Natural Resources…”



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