Voters approve most local school levies, bonds in Tueday’s election

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SEATTLE (AP) — Voters across Washington appear to have passed most local school levy and bond measures during Tuesday’s special election.

But 4 bond measures and 4 local levies appear to be failing.

Partly because bond proposals require 60 percent of the vote plus one to pass, bond proposals are failing in the following school districts:

—Yelm, which crosses Pierce and Thurston counties, but thousands of votes have not yet been counted.

—Goldendale in Klickitat County, where most votes have been counted.

—Sequim, which crosses Clallam and Jefferson counties, where all votes have been counted.

—Ritzville, which crosses Adams and Lincoln counties, where just over a hundred votes are left to count.

The bond elections in Sequim and Yelm would likely have passed if the state only required a simple majority for passage like school levies.

Two school levies appear to be failing in the Soap Lake School District in Grant County, where all the votes have been counted but one measure has earned a virtual tie.

A maintenance and operations levy in Oakville, which crosses Grays Harbor and Lewis counties, is also tied. A few hundred votes remain to be counted.

A replacement programs and operations levy in the La Conner School District in Skagit County appears to be failing soundly, but there are about 1500 votes left to count.

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