‘Sticker Kid’ steals Clinton’s Iowa spotlight, takes Twitter by storm

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DES MOINES, Iowa — And the crowd goes wild — over “sticker kid”?

A Drake University freshman whose face was covered with stickers may have stolen the spotlight from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as she gave her Iowa caucus speech on Monday night.

Eighteen-year-old Peter Clinkscales’ dancing, dabbing and his attempt to eat the stickers plastered on his cheeks took Twitter by storm.

To viewers following Clinton’s campaign speech on Twitter, he became known as #Stickerboy, #StickerKid, or #Stickerface.

Clinkscales told CNN’s Jeanne Moos that when he noticed the cameras were on Clinton and he was probably visible in the background, the only idea that came to his mind was to “goof around.”

And viewers couldn’t look away.

“#stickface just made America great again,” one Twitter user posted.

Clinkscales said he’s not a Hillary supporter, and isn’t passionate about any presidential candidate, though he did pose with her competitor, Bernie Sanders.

Instead of caucusing he decided to fool around.

“My dad was on the computer just laughing at everything that was happening.” Clinkscales said. “He was like, ‘you’re so stupid.'”

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