Police: Fugitives stuck in snow call 911 for help

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EL DORADO COUNTY, Calif. – In the High Sierra near Kyburz along highway 50, it started with a traffic stop for swerving. Then things turned interesting.

“Two male occupants of the vehicle jumped out of the car and took off running,” said Lt. Chris Stoots of California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The two fugitives, 32 year old Derrick Dionno, and 30 year old parolee Triston Crossland, took off running into the woods. Authorities say they found a 9mm gun.

“In addition to the firearm, there was at least 3 different types of controlled narcotics in the vehicle – methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana.” said Stoots.

The two dashed down a canyon and crossed over the south fork of the American River.

Now wet and cold, they ignored law enforcement warnings to surrender, despite the winter storm barreling down on them.

By nightfall, the fugitives were freezing. They called 911, begging to be arrested.

Search and rescue teams from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s office quickly joined the hunt.

The two wanted men huddled together overnight to keep warm. Then on Saturday morning, the SWAT team found them, and they were transported across the river to a waiting ambulance for treatment.

Lt. Jim Byers of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office said, “I have never seen two people happier to go to jail. Because they knew they were going to be dry and warm.”

Both were treated at a hospital and turned over to authorities for arrest.