Lawmakers propose plan to unravel education funding in 2017

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SEATTLE (AP) — After spending years debating possible ways out of the quagmire of state education funding, lawmakers from both parties and both houses announced Monday they may have a plan to fix the way the state pays for education.

Some would call it: a plan for a plan. The proposal still doesn’t say how the Legislature will fix the most vexing part of the education funding problem: overreliance on local school levies to pay for basic education.

Four years after the Supreme Court ruled the way the state pays for education is unconstitutional, the Washington Legislature is still debating how to finish responding to the court. They are working under a contempt order and a daily $100,000 fine until they do.

They have added more than $2 billion to the state’s education budget. But they’ve left the most complex challenge for last.


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