Here are the 7 most awesome things Richard Sherman said this week

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ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 01: Richard Sherman #25 of the Seattle Seahawks during play against the Dallas Cowboys in the second half at AT&T Stadium on November 1, 2015 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

SEATTLE – We’re all used to Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman saying awesome things when he’s in front of the camera.

But during his weekly press conference Wednesday, the man was on fire.

Here are the top 7 awesome things Sherman said on Wednesday:

  • On taking pride in his special teams play: “I take a tremendous amount of pride – I gotta protect the little runt back there. At the beginning of the game I tell him not to fair catch, and If I tell him not to fair catch, I gotta make sure he doesn’t get killed.”
  • On some players responding well to smack-talk: “Some guys listen to music, some guys watch TV, some guys watch highlights – other guys wait for people to talk bad about them.”
  • On playing hurt: “In high school I snapped my wrist in half and broke my thumb and finished the game. Got a pick in that game!”
  • On his easy transition to the pros: “It just seemed like college around here. A little bit more fun – no homework, no 6 a.m. (practices), but it just seemed like college to me.”
  • On the futility of preparing to play in the cold: “There’s no simulating zero degrees. I guess I could go upstairs in the freezer, shut the doors, sit there for a few minutes?”
  • On Pete Carroll claiming the Seahawks became aware during Sunday’s game that they had a chance to clinch the defensive scoring title: “HE became aware. I was aware coming into the game.”
  • On having the same group together as the Seahawks have won four straight defensive scoring titles: “It’s a bunch of alpha males out there. It’s not always gonna be pretty … it’s like a pack of lions being all males. It doesn’t really work like that in the wild, but you have to make it work.”
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