Here’s what Marshawn Lynch’s workouts at a Bay Area MMA gym looked like

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SEATTLE – Curious what Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has been up to since he went out with an injury in November?

The Bay Area mixed martial arts gym Lynch worked out at posted a video to YouTube showing his workouts.

Lynch’s whereabouts have been something of a mystery since he had surgery Nov. 25 to repair an abdominal injury. There had been reports he was rehabbing at a Bay Area MMA gym, but this is the first look at what he was actually up to during his weeks away from the team.

Lynch said in the video that the workouts weren’t strictly MMA, but that he did lace up the gloves and hit the heavy bag from time to time.

“There is no tapping out with this,” Lynch said. “There’s no tapping out with any of the workouts.”

Lynch, who returned to the team on Monday, said the workouts let him get back in shape while focusing on what he does best.

“I’m a guy that likes to throw my weight around and I throw a little mean stiff arm,” he said. “So you know, just placement of where I can throw my hands, if I get the right spot on a defender, setting them up and putting them in positions that I know will be useful …”

Lynch said he’s grown close with Tareq Azim, the founder and head coach of the gym, because both share a passion for community building.

“It elevated from just some guy at the gym that my coach hooked me up with to come out and to work with, to adopting his family as one of my own,” Lynch said. “This sports world will only take us so far. I sit down and I holler at him, and we’re at a whole other level on how to restore our communities.”

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