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Angry owls are back – Two new attacks reported in Salem, Oregon

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They've actually posted signs warning people about the owl - since there've been so many attacks.

Salem, OR (KPTV) — It looks like the angry owls are back in Salem. Earlier this year, the story went viral after owls attacked joggers at least four times.

It’s been more than 10 months since the reported owl attacks happened.

On Tuesday, two workers at the Oregon Water Resources Department have reported attacks.

One was on a sidewalk on Summer Street, where a man said the owl swooped down and hit him three times. He said it even left marks on his head.

The other report was on E Street, where a man said an owl swooped down and took his hat right off his head.

Luckily, neither man was seriously hurt.

People across the country were talking about the owl attacks in Salem 10 months ago, when the city put signs up to try and protect people from the angry owls.

The city was even recommending that people wear hard hats in certain areas to avoid being pecked or scratched.

This latest attack isn’t the first time an owl has gotten away with a hat.

FOX 12 spoke with another man earlier this year after he said an owl got away with his hat too.

“It was still really dark out and I feel a firm blow to the head. I feel an electric feeling go down my spine and all of the sudden my stocking cap is ripped off like a vortex,” said Ron Jaecks.

Many may also remember Vagabound Brewery came out with an “Attack Owl IPA” after the owl attacks happened.

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