Grinch steals gifts meant for 3 year-old girl

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MARYSVILLE -- Mo Zebeidi is still fighting back the tears knowing that someone stole Christmas presents meant for his three year-old daughter.

"The things that I was looking forward to giving my kid for Christmas, when I saw that those were gone, I got choked up," Zebeidi said. "That really sucked."

Sometime during the day on Thursday, someone broke into Zebeidi's house in Marysville and took checkbooks, food and gifts for his little girl. He had just bought her a Kindle Fire for kids and a Nintendo 3DS.

Zebeidi said, "It’s just ridiculous that somebody would do this. They know. They know it’s Christmas time. They know people have stuff in their house right now and that’s what drove them to do this."

Zebeidi bought four surveillance cameras that he plans to install this weekend. he also bought window alarms too.

He is offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of the man that burglarized his home and ruined his sense of security.

"It’s just been horrible," Zebeidi said.  "The biggest worry now is I don’t even feel like having my daughter in the other room."

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