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House Speaker Paul Ryan announces deal averting shutdown

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House Speaker Paul Ryan said it's time for Congress to take action on mental health issues.

(CNN) — House Speaker Paul Ryan told Republican members that congressional leaders reached an agreement Tuesday on a massive $1.1 trillion bill to fund the government through September, setting up votes later this week, according to multiple GOP sources.‎

They also struck a deal on a broad package of tax breaks worth about of $800 billion.

Bipartisan negotiators worked for months narrowing their differences over agency-by-agency spending priorities as well as scores of controversial policy provisions members of each party wanted added to the must-pass measure.

The breakthrough came days before lawmakers are set to leave Washington for the holidays.

The government is currently set to run out of money Wednesday at midnight, but leaders are prepared to pass another short-term funding measure lasting a few days as they move to approve the broader bill.

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