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You might be an Instagram husband if…

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(CNN) — In our hyper-documented age it’s no longer enough to simply provide love and companionship in a relationship: Many partners must also serve as personal photographer and paparazzo.

It’s a phenomena captured to perfection in the parody video “Instagram Husband,” a role most significant others with a phone equipped for taking photos are all too familiar with.

As one of the hapless bros in the video puts it, “Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall.”

You know what we’re talking about. That’s why the video — produced by the Missouri-based comedy group The Mystery Hour — has been a viral hit, racking up nearly two million views on YouTube since it was posted Tuesday.

Not sure if you’re an Instagram husband, or wife, or bae? Here are some signs to look for based on the video:

You’ve had to delete all the apps from your phone to make room for photos

There’s only so much memory available on a smartphone, and not enough hours in the day to go through your photos and choose which ones stay and which should go. Quicker to just delete everything else.

It takes extra long to get anywhere

Do you build in extra time to get to places in case an unexpected mural pops up to create the perfect background for an Instagram? Alternatively, do you pray you might not come across one so you won’t be late? If so, the Instagram Husbands can relate.

You no longer eat your meals, you photograph them

Or, maybe you do eventually get to them, but by then they’re cold and completely unappetizing.

You’re expected to ‘like’ or comment on the photo

The sooner, the better. Or else…