Landslide damages 2 homes, 2 vehicles in Burien’s Seahurst area

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BURIEN, Wash. — A ‘very serious landslide’ damaged two homes and at least two vehicles Wednesday north of Seahurst Park.

According to officials with the city of Burien, homes in the area have been evacuated following the slide.

Engineers were called to the scene to determine if the slide area was still moving. Power has been restored to all homes in the area except for the two damaged in the slide.

The landslide happened along Standring Lane on private land partially up a slope above Puget Sound.

Photos from the scene also showed an SUV that had been crushed. Another was washed all of the way into the water.

“This is a very serious landslide,” said City Manager Kamuron Gurol upon arriving at the scene this morning. “It covered the area with a large amount of debris.”

There were no reports of any injuries.

The city of Burien said later that the slide damaged two houses north of Seahurst Park Tuesday night. In addition to those two, three other nearby homes were evacuated. The city said geotechnical specialists who assessed conditions at the site Wednesday indicated that the slope has not stabilized and evacuation orders remain in effect.

"Residents of all five evacuated homes are to remain away from their houses overnight but, except in the case of the most-impacted house, residents will be allowed back to retrieve belongings under supervision for short periods of time," the city said in a news release.

Details of Geotechnical Review, as released by the city of Burien:

  • The slide began at approximately 150 feet elevation – about halfway up the slope – where soil composition changes. Above that point, ground water is absorbed. It then seeps out below that elevation. Given wet soil conditions over the past several days, seepage behind the slope’s surface layer likely caused the soil to blow outward, resulting in the slide.
  • The source of the slide and much of the debris field lies within the property lines of the southernmost house.
  • It is typical in slides like this one for the margins to continue settling. This will be particularly likely as rains return overnight and throughout the coming days.


Seahurst Park, 1600 SW Seahurst Park Rd, Burien, WA