Teen decides to donate organs days before fatal crash

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LAS VEGAS, Nev.  — A 16-year-old decided to be an organ donor just days before she was fatally hit by a vehicle.

April Lilly, the mother of Centennial Junior High School student Mary Elizabeth Lilly, said the girl asked for permission to be an organ donor 9 days before the the crash. She was applying for a Nevada identification card for her first job interview.

According to police, Mary Elizabeth Lilly was coming home from a skate park on the evening of Nov. 25 when the driver of a truck struck her in the crosswalk at Craig and Pioneer. The driver claimed to never seeing the girl or any crosswalk signs before the incident.

She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but did not make it.  “Mary was maintained on life support since she was an organ donor until they could find recipients,” April Lilly recalled.

The hospital found seven organ recipients, including an infant and a 10-year old.

It was a hard decision to make but April Lilly said her daughter, who was described as a caring and generous teen who loved to volunteer, would have wanted to give others a fighting chance at life.

“These people that got her organs [so they] could be parents, grandparents, physicians, teachers. These are people who will live a dynamic life and I hope they would carry on her life of service,” April Lilly said.