Honking mad? Seattle is home to one of the worst traffic bottlenecks in the U.S.

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SEATTLE – It could be worse. We could live in California.

A stretch of Seattle freeway was named the 17th-worst bottleneck in the country in a study released Monday by the American Highway Users Alliance, which determined the 50 worst in the U.S.

Of course, 11 of those bottlenecks are in California.

The AHUA said the stretch of I-5 between Madison St. and Exit 168A costs commuters 1.6 million hours a year, which it says costs about $45 million in lost time and wastes about 619,840 gallons of gas.

“The many curves and reduced visibility in this 1.6 mile stretch along with off-and on-ramps for the downtown area exacerbate congestion,” the study found.

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