Clark County Council installs ‘In God We Trust’ sign

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Photo by Hugh Pinney/Getty Images

VANCOUVER, Wash. — A sign with the national motto “In God We Trust” is now on display in the hearings room of the Clark County Council months after a controversial vote.

The Columbian newspaper reports that the aluminum-coated letters were installed Thursday on the wall behind the councilors’ seats. The display was provided by Friends of the Carpenter, a faith-based day center.

In February, the council voted 2-1 vote to display “In God We Trust” in their public hearings room.

Supporters say it honors America’s religious heritage, while opponents say it may exclude those who are not religious.

Councilor Tom Mielke championed the idea after he was contacted by a California-based group whose goal is to get the national motto hung in every county and city office across the country.

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