Passenger restrained for trying to open exit door during flight to Boston, police say

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BOSTON — An “unruly” passenger was restrained during a British Airways flight Tuesday from London to Boston’s Logan International Airport, and police were asked to meet the plane upon landing, an airline spokeswoman said.

Flight 213 landed at Logan Tuesday afternoon, and state troopers were boarding the plane to investigate, Massachusetts State Police said.

There was conflicting information about what the passenger was accused of doing.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the passenger was restrained after allegedly trying to “open an exit door.” State police, however, said British Airways informed them that a passenger had tried to enter the cockpit.

“We have not yet confirmed that she tried to enter the cockpit or, if she did, what her motivation for doing so was,” said Dave Procopio, director of media communications for the Massachusetts State Police.

“The plane is on the ground and troopers are presently boarding it to take the passenger into custody and interview flight crew and witnesses,” Procopio said.

A British Airways spokeswoman said the crew “requested that police meet the flight in Boston due to an unruly customer on board.”

A review of the air traffic control transmission indicates pilots did not declare an emergency.

Flight 213 departed London’s Heathrow Airport on Tuesday morning and landed in Boston at 1:28 p.m. ET, according to flight tracking website