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Police: Cat found set on fire, ‘writhing’ in pain

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BREMERTON — Police are investigating after an adult cat was found on fire late Saturday night near Bremerton High School, likely set ablaze and then abandoned, officers said.

Late Saturday evening, a man was out for a walk near the intersection of 15th Street and High Avenue when he spotted something on fire that appeared to be moving near the Bremerton High School tennis courts. He walked over, and found an adult yellow cat on fire, police said.

The man immediately called 911.

When officers arrived on scene, the cat was no longer on fire but was “writhing in pain,” Chief Steven Strachan of the Bremerton Police Department said. Officers took the cat to the Kitsap Humane Society where veterinarians found it had extensive burns to the back, tail and head. The animal was humanely euthanized after vets determined its injuries were too severe to recover from.

Officers were not able to locate the source of the fire, but believe the cat was likely set ablaze. The police department is working with local animal control units to perform a follow-up exam to determine if any accelerants were used on the cat.

The police chief encouraged anyone who knew anything about the animal abuse to step forward.

“Any person who would commit this horrific act on an innocent animal is someone who would probably tell someone else about it,” Strachan said.

Any person with information is encouraged to call Bremerton police at 360-473-5349,

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