Bullet goes through Castle Rock couple’s home, ends up in box of muffin mix

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Castle Rock, WA (KPTV) — A Castle Rock couple is still in shock after a bullet hit their house and ended up in a box of muffin mix.

Les and Deann Murphy were outside, working in their yard around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday when all of a sudden, they heard a loud gunshot. Then eventually, they noticed a bullet hole in the side of their home.

“I looked and I realize, that’s not a moth, it’s a hole. Right away my mind said, the shot, the hole, this is scary,” said Deann.

At first, Deann said they didn’t even realize the bullet hit their house until she saw the hole in their bedroom wall.

Then, they followed its path. Through the other bedroom wall, into their pantry, breaking several bottles of wine and then finally, the bullet stopped inside a box of muffin mix.

They pulled the bullet out and called the police. A deputy told them the bullet came from a rifle.

Deann and her husband have an idea who fired it and they’re disappointed no one checked to make sure they were OK.

“Someone fired it. Even if it was a mistake, they could’ve let us know. Because we have people living here and a little baby here and this has never ever happened before even in hunting season, a misfired bullet like that. It was very scary and upsetting,” said Deann.

The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the incident, but so far, the shooter has not been identified.

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