Driver allegedly makes fake 911 shooting call to try to get out of traffic ticket

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GRESHAM, Ore. — A 42-year-old man trying to get out of a traffic ticket called 911 to report a fake shooting Thursday, but the call was traced back to him, The Oregonian reported.

According to the newspaper, Salvador Sanchez-Buenrostro was pulled over for a traffic violation in Gresham at about 12:55 a.m. Thursday. While the officer walked away from the car to write the driver a citation, the man called 911 and reported a shooting nearby, police said.

The call was traced, however, to the location of the traffic stop and the officer determined the phone number belonged to Sanchez-Buenrostro. Police said the driver later admitted to making a false report.

He was arrested and booked into jail on an accusation of improper use of 911.

He got the traffic ticket, too.