Marshawn Lynch wears holdout Kam Chancellor’s jersey during practice

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No, that's not Kam Chancellor at Seahawks practice Thursday. That is Marshawn Lynch wearing Chancellor's jersey to show solidarity with the strong safety who is holding out in a bid to get his contract renegotiated.

RENTON, Wash. (AP) — Marshawn Lynch showed his support for holdout Kam Chancellor by wearing the star safety’s No. 31 jersey during practice Thursday.

Lynch, who had his own contract issues with the Seahawks in the past, sported the blue practice jersey even though the offense was wearing white during preparations for Sunday’s season opener at St. Louis.

Chancellor posted a picture of Lynch in his uniform to Instagram and thanked Lynch for the support.

Defensive coordinator Kris Richard said Lynch’s gesture was “a testament to the closeness of our locker room and how much each and every single guy means to one another.”

Chancellor is in a contract dispute with the team and did not report when his teammates gathered for training camp.