Trooper voids driver’s speeding ticket after act of kindness

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) — A trooper voided a speeding ticket after a driver from Gallatin showed an act of kindness.

Mike Powers said as he was rushing to make a work appointment last Wednesday in Mississippi, an officer pulled him over for speeding.

“The largest officer I’ve ever seen in my life gets out of the car and he comes up to me,” Powers, 27, said.

Trooper Jason Ales wrote Powers a ticket for driving 25 miles over the speed limit. But Powers said he felt compelled to speak as Trooper Ales started walking away.

“I just said ‘How are you doing in light of all the senseless killing around the country?'” Powers said. “‘Are you OK? Are the officers in Mississippi OK?'”

The question stopped Trooper Ales in his tracks. He recently spoke to local station WJTV in Jackson.

“I was so touched by it, I almost teared up there,” Ales said.

Then, it was the driver’s turn to give something to the trooper. Powers handed Trooper Ales a wooden bracelet adorned with the faces of saints and Jesus.

“This man doesn’t know if he’s going to make it home at night,” Powers said. “He doesn’t know the type of evil he’s going to be confronted with.”

Trooper Ales voided the ticket, choosing to hang the new memento in his cruiser.

“It’s ahead of me and watching over me and my patrol car at all times,” he said.

Powers posted the story on his Facebook page. Since last week, the post has reached more than 1.1 million people. Some might consider the tale extraordinary, but Powers thinks just the opposite.

“I think it was two guys who were trying to get back to their families who ran into somebody else,” Powers said.

The ticket would have cost approximately $200. Powers said he decided to donate that amount to the Palmer Home for Children in North Mississippi. The two men intend to start a charity of their own.

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