10-year-old Utah boy tells how he survived in wilderness alone

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Ten-year-old Malachi Bradley survived more than 30 hours alone in the Utah wilderness before he was found.

Malachi, his father and a family friend told FOX 13 News about how he was able to endure a night in the mountains.

He explains how he was mushroom hunting with his family when he thought he heard a rattlesnake and began backing away. Before he knew it, he was lost and couldn't find his way back. So he toughed out the night with only a light jacket to keep him warm.

Malachi said he used a hooded sweatshirt to filter water so he  could drink it and tried to stay near streams to find food. He says he also stayed in open areas so that helicopters might see him.

K-9 teams located Malachi just before 3 p.m. Monday -- more than 30 hours after he first went missing.