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Dead man found atop Mt. Si not only body found same day — two mysteries many miles apart

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parella malesSEATTLE — The state medical examiner`s office needs your help identifying two men who were discovered on the same day, but hundreds of miles and decades apart in death.

Though their cases are not related — the mystery of who they are is.

A pair of Nike shoes popular in the mid-1990’s is just one of the clues found with the remains of a man discovered on June 17th, who Dr. Kathy Taylor is trying to identify. “He was camping on Mt. Si. He had a lot of equipment with him like a snow shovel.” A hiker came across his body near Hay Stack at the top of the mountain.

“We have him as a white male. He’s 30-60 years old, 5’8” to 6’2”, he has extensive dental work and we were really hoping because of that extensive work we would hit on a missing person right away, but nothing.”

What they do have in addition to the Nike shoes is a watch and pair of glasses. Because a missing person’s report was never filed for him Dr. Taylor thinks he may have been on the mountain for more than just a hike. “The fact that we’re not hitting and nobody knows anybody missing that matches him makes me suspect that anyone who knew him probably didn’t know he was going to Mt. Si and he may have been someone avoiding or trying to disappear.”

Two hundred miles away and on the very same day another unidentified man was discovered. This one was on the water. “He was found floating in the Columbia River on the 17th of June near Sacajawea State Park,” recalls Dr. Taylor.

He is believed to be in his 20's or 30's and is very tall, 6'3".

Dr. Taylor adds, "The interesting thing about him is that he has a tattoo. It is underneath his collarbone on the left hand side and it is red.” It’s possibly an Omega or Leo symbol. He also has no dental restorations. We’ve run him through N.C.I.C. without any hits.”

While both men were discovered on the same day, the cases are not related. With the clues left behind, Dr. Taylor is hoping that someone can help identify them so police can properly investigate their deaths.

If you think you recognize either of these women, please call the King County Medical Examiner`s Office at (206) 731-3232
and choose Extension 1.


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