Armed robbers on the run: Help identify pair of pistol-packing perps who hit ‘mom and pop’ market on Fourth of July

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Lake Forest Park Police need you to take a good look at the intense surveillance video below to see if you recognize two armed robbers who hit the Lake Forest Park Market on the Fourth of July.

“Just before closing the two subjects enter the store and go to the beverage aisle,” says Lake Forest Park Det. Tony Matthew. “They select a six-pack of some unknown drink and walked up to the counter. The clerk scanned-in the items and one of the subjects was fumbling around like he was looking for money in his pocket and pulled out a handgun and that’s when he made his demand for the money. The two subjects both confronted the clerk. One subject was giving directions and then immediately headed to the location of the second person who was sitting at a card table off to the right. I believe it was probably at that time that he realized there was more than one person in the store. Both brandished firearms. One subject fired off one round into the ground behind the subject who was there visiting the clerk. They weren’t in a big rush, as if they had it planned out. My concern is either this person intentionally or unintentionally fired the weapon. Luckily the second person at the store was not hit and, of course, if this continues it may escalate and I do not want anybody to get hurt.”

Detectives say the first suspect had long dreads or braids. He wore glasses, a white bandana around his neck and a single black glove on his right hand.

The second suspect wore a white sweatshirt with the word "Prada" across the front, a red bandana around his neck and a black and red ball cap.

If you can tell Lake Forest Park Police their names, call an anonymous tip into:

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