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Fake ‘Are you a Sociopath?’ Amazon job recruitment flyers pop up

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SEATTLE -- Discussion about the reported high-stress atmosphere of the Amazon workplace has taken a biting turn in Seattle.

Over the weekend, Seattle and the Internet boiled over with comments following the New York Times' stunning report on workplace atmosphere at Seattle's Amazon campus. 

The article, which is now the most commented on article on, details reported high-pressure workplace tactics embraced by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, making for an environment where only the toughest and most career-driven individuals succeed.

Bezos called the article misleading, saying "the article doesn't describe the Amazon I know or the caring Amazonians I work with every day." But Despite Bezos' and other's disagreement with the article,  many on the Internet said it was dead on.

Now, fake Amazon job recruitment posters advancing the most outrageous claims of the piece are popping up around Seattle. Embracing the hashtag #AmazonJobs, they try to "recruit" supposedly typical Amazonians.

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The flyers have been reported around South Lake Union near Amazon's headquarters.

Reddit/r/Seattle, a forum for Seattlites with a notorious history of poking fun at Amazon workers, took the flyers in typical sarcastic stride.

"I saw the poster, got really mad that it claimed that I'm a sociopath and punched the first person I saw," one Redditor joked. "Then I came in to work and cried at my desk, not with remorse of course because I don't have a conscience."

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