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SURPRISE! Seattle police officer pulls over speeding car, helps deliver baby (VIDEO)

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SEATTLE — A Seattle police officer was surprised at what he found when he pulled over a speeding car this weekend.

Officer Anthony Reynolds spotted the car around 3:45 a.m. Sunday running red lights, and speeding down Martin Luther King Jr. Way S.

When Reynolds pulled over the car, the driver jumped out shouting that his wife was in labor. The officer called for an ambulance, but before it could arrive, the baby was born.

Dashcam video captured the whole thing. Just moments after the traffic stop, the woman could be heard shouting that she was having a baby. Then you can hear a baby’s cries.

The baby girl was struggling to breathe for a moment, but Officer Reynolds helped clear the baby’s airway just before an ambulance arrived.

Medics transported the woman and her healthy baby to the hospital.

Seattle police said the family sent officers a note thanking them for the help.

“You have helped deliver a precious gift,” they wrote. “We are so grateful.”

Dad and newborn daughter share a quiet moment.

Dad and newborn daughter share a quiet moment.

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