Police: Peeper stacked concrete blocks to look at showering woman, was chased by victim’s husband

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FIFE — A man allegedly spotted peeping at a showering woman has been arrested and charged with a crime after the woman’s husband chased the suspect to an apartment building and called 911.

Dinteru Dinteru has been charged with  voyeurism in Pierce County Superior Court, documents show.

According to court documents, Fife police responded to an apartment building after receiving calls from a married couple Sunday morning. The married couple told police that the wife was in the shower when she spotted someone looking into a small window at her. The woman screamed and called for her husband, who ran outside to allegedly see a man climbing out of the bushes.

The husband chased the alleged peeper, who ran into a nearby apartment building. The husband followed the man to the building and called 911.

Police searched the outside of the victim’s apartment, and reportedly found a stack of concrete blocks and a large shrub underneath the bathroom window. The concrete blocks appeared to be in place so someone had enough height to look into the bathroom window.

Police knocked on Dinteru’s door and questioned him. When police asked Dinteru what he was doing outside of the victim’s apartment building, he said he was “waiting for a friend” who was “passed out in the bushes,” documents show. When pressed, however, Dinteru couldn’t give the friend’s name.

He was arrested and taken to Pierce County Jail.

He is slated to appear in court again soon.