Cameras catch thief stripping car in Beacon Hill driveway

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SEATTLE -- Police say a Beacon Hill couple walked out to their car in the morning to find it stripped of its parts right in their own driveway.

The thief was pretty bold because there are signs all over the building saying that the area is under surveillance, and those cameras captured the whole thing.

Harold Yamada is a property manager at the Beacon Hill apartment complex which has those cameras. Harold said surveillance shows this man stripping parts off of his 2000 Honda Civic as it sat parked in the community driveway just off of 14th Avenue S.

While his car sits in the shop, Harold estimates the stolen parts total upwards of $5,000.

According to the timer on the security cameras, the job took two hours to complete. And while he captured the theft on camera, Harold hopes police will be able to catch the man before he does it again.

Anyone with information is asked to call Seattle police.

Screenshot of the surveillance footage.

Screenshot of the surveillance footage.