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‘Blond’ autocorrect error leads to interesting birthday cake blunder

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LANARKSHIRE, England. –Autocorrect continues to bedevil us all.

A single text by one British mother nearly ruined her daughter’s birthday, but luckily everyone had a great sense of humor about the whole incident.

Teen Emily Seggie tweeted on Sunday that her mother had tried to order a birthday cake for Emily’s sister.

Seggie says her mother texted the cake order to her baker friend, saying she wanted a cake that was plain white, with white balls and a grey ribbon bow.

Then she added if it wasn’t too much to ask, could the baker add a ‘wee blond girl’ to the top of the cake?

And that’s where Seggie’s mother’s smart phone stepped in and decided to ‘correct’ her text.


The baker friend undoubtedly thought the request weird, but went along with it anyway. She finished the cake, complete with a “wee blind girl” closing her eyes and holding a white cane.

Seggie told BuzzFeed News her mom didn’t notice anything wrong with the cake until she realized the girl on top wasn’t blonde. She then spotted the closed eyes and the white cane.

“They then realized what had happened after checking the text and decided to leave it on as was funny,” Seggie told BuzzFeed News. “Hope no one is offended.”

Ohhh, autocorrect. We stand in fear of your wrath. At least the cake looks good.