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Man wearing only boxers found dead on playground was murdered, authorities say

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — The death of an unidentified man found in Tautphaus Park Sunday morning has been declared a homicide, Idaho Falls Police Chief Mark McBride told

The man’s body was found on playground equipment near the tennis courts and the skateboard park. The body had multiple stab wounds and was covered in blood, witnesses said.

Authorities have not confirmed how the man died or released the man’s identity.

McBride said he believes the murder took place at the park.

Tom Haney of Idaho Falls discovered the body and called police. He was on his way to a dog show when he saw the body on a platform of some playground equipment. Haney went over to check to make sure the man was okay. After realizing what he was seeing, he called authorities.

“There were pretty obvious stab wounds in the upper back, and one really big one in the back of the neck,” he said.

Haney circled around the body to see the face. It was unrecognizable, but he could tell it was a Caucasian male, likely in his 20s or 30s. Most of the blood was around his upper body, but he was splattered with blood all around his body. He was wearing only boxers.

As Haney waited for police to arrive, he said blood was still dripping from the body onto the gravel below.

Lucien Frederick of Blackfoot also was attending the dog show. He found a discarded pair of soiled pants in the parking lot near the playground. He put the pants in a trash can. The trash can was later confiscated by police as potential evidence in the death.

Authorities have taped off a 2 to 3 acre area surrounding the equipment. As of 4:40 p.m. authorities had just moved the body.

Idaho State Police are assisting the police department with the investigation.

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