One year after Ferguson, locals reflect on progress of Black Lives Matter movement

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SEATTLE -- Hundreds of people gathered at Seattle Central Community College for a Black Lives Matter rally.

“I am here because I am sick of seeing my brothers and sisters getting gunned down in the street,” says Marcus Fontenot.

Since Mike Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri one year ago, there have been rallies and marches around the country. But many say not enough has changed.

“We need more policing of police,” says Fontenot. “People are being hired, we don't know if they're qualified or mentally stable, and that's a problem. That's why we've got young kids dying in the street every day.”

African American church leaders say the Black Lives Matter movement has been successful in raising awareness of race issues. But the pastor of Walker Chapel AME says more action needs to be taken.

“It’s good to march, it's good to protest. But we have to enforce our voice through legislation,” says Pastor LeSean Tarkington.

He says young people can’t just say our government doesn’t work. He says they need to vote, to try and change the government.

“That’s one of the most important routes that we have to take, especially those in my age category, the 40 and under.”

That’s why he doesn’t think it was a good idea for protesters to disrupt the Bernie Sanders rally downtown yesterday.

“Your voice is important and we want to hear what you have to say, but you have to do it in a diplomatic manner.”

He says Senator Sanders could have been an ally for the Black Lives Matter movement.

“You’re looking at someone who's in position, who can pull you up to put you in position.”

But Fontenot says protesters are doing what they have to, to get their message heard.

“I don't feel like they did anything wrong. Every revolution, every cause needs to be put on the front line.”

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